First nations

Harmonising development and environment

Due to a legislative framework that is different from the majority of the Quebec territory, the environmental authorizations for First Nations are different from those required by provincial ministries. A.J. Environnement’s team allows you to carry out your projects by completing the federal authorization requests (Project Description Form, Simple Environmental Review and Detailed Environmental Review).

Our team has contributed to the realization of several projects requiring federal and provincial authorizations in collaboration with First Nations communities. These projects include sewer and water system extensions, building expansions and marina construction, also in collaboration with engineering firms. We can also act as a development planning consultant. For example, by mapping the potential wetlands and waterways of a given land, we are able to avoid sensitive areas and thus avoid many costly environmental procedures.

We offer many services to First Nation communities

We offer many services to First Nation communities

Federal permits and authorizations


The Project Description Form aims to better understand the social and environmental context of the project and to know the temporary and permanent impacts of the planned activities. A.J. Environnement’s team conducts the necessary field surveys to complete the form. Following its submission for analysis, the project is posted for 30 days. During this period, the project manager is informed is there is a need to complete a Simple Environmental Review or a Detailed Environmental Review.

The Simple Environmental Review form consists of a response to the analyst’s questions specifying whether or not mitigation measures must be put in place to protect wildlife and/or plant species and/or their habitats. This notice often contains an environmental specifications document which aims specifically at minimizing the impacts of the work methods and intervention periods on the natural environment.

Still have questions? Give us a call!

Still have questions? Give us a call!

A customized service

From the smallest to the largest projects, we pay the same attention to detail and to our clients. The analysis of your particular situation by our team of dedicated and available professionals will allow us to put in place the best strategy to reach your objectives.

As a partner in your development, A.J. Environnement offers you a personalized and close accompaniment that will meet your needs, while respecting standards and the environment.

Federal permits and authorizations

Our team will ensure that the necessary federal environmental permits are completed for your project.
Project description form, Simple Environmental Review and Detailed Environmental Review

Pre-projet study

To properly plan your project and avoid problems, it is essential to identify and delineate wetlands and water bodies. Therefore, our team performs an initial mapping analysis in order to draw up a portrait of the potential wetlands and water bodies on your project site.

Environmental site assessment – Phase I-II-III

Whether it is to determine the potential for contamination, to carry out sampling or to proceed with the rehabilitation of an area, our team will make sure to meet the requirements of the creditor or the ministry concerned.

Projects near water

Several types of projects are carried out near waterways or wetlands. For example, shoreline work, boat ramps or marinas, etc. Learn what requirements must be met before starting a project near water!

Mapping and geomatics

With the help of the available geomatic information, we are able to offer you an interpretation of your land even before going there. This information is still to be validated afterwards, but your project will be better guided.

Cartographie et Géomatique - A.J. Environnement

Site surveillance

If needed, a member of our team can be available to perform environmental site supervision.

Your nature,
our priority!

Project optimization

Each project is unique and presents its own needs. Through the experience of its team, A.J. Environnement offers a thorough analysis of your situation and provides customized solutions that will optimize your valuable human and financial resources.

Peace of mind

Our multidisciplinary teams accompany you at each step of your project with a solid plan, developed according to your specific situation. Our turnkey service allows you to reach your objectives while meeting the established deadlines.

Guaranteed quality assurance

Your project, shaped according to our recommendations, will obtain the necessary environmental authorizations, guaranteed! In fact, A.J. Environnement is the only biological firm in Quebec that offers performance guarantees.